Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nursemaids Elbow, Children's Mercy, and a Snow Day

Well, our streak of going to visit doctors has not ended yet!  Cole ended up having strep last week.  He stayed home with Michael on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We knew he was going to make it back to daycare on Friday because he had finally gotten rid of his fever.  HOWEVER, Chloe let out a cry around 6:30 that night.  I went to check on her and she was lying in her crib.  I just figured she was hungry.  I attempted to feed her but she wasn't hungry.  Then I tried to play with her.  I dipped her down by her arms and she cried out.  That's when we realized that she wasn't using her right arm.  She would grip our fingers and move her wrist but not the rest of her arm.  I thought maybe it was asleep or she bumped it.  We let her sleep and the following morning she wouldn't even grip our fingers.  So Friday, Cole did go back to daycare but Michael took Chloe to the doctor's office! They determined it was Nursemaids Elbow (aka a dislocated elbow).  The doctor attempted to put it back in place but he wasn't sure if he got it or not.  He then decided to put it in a splint (made out of a half cast).  It was extremely bizarre to see our 8 1/2 month old baby with a cast on her arm!  We were then referred to Children's Mercy.  We were able to get in yesterday.  They were AMAZING!  They did a couple more x-rays and determined that nothing was broken and that her elbow was indeed back in place.  They want her to continue to wear her splint/cast thing for the rest of the week.  To say we are sick of being sick and sick of seeing doctors would be a huge understatement!  (Not that we dislike our doctors, they're great!)
The best thing that has happened lately is that today is a snow day!  I have decided that we are going to use today as the start of our real "potty training".  Cole was told if he wants to play with the iPad then he has to pee and poop on the pot.  If he has an accident he doesn't get to play on the iPad anymore for the day.  I have been setting an alarm every 45 minutes and taking him to the bathroom and he has peed every single time!!!  Let's hope this is the start of being potty trained for good!

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