Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful for the Quick Week

I am sooo thankful right now that this week has gone by so quickly. I really needed it to! I will admit it... I am one of those crazy Twilight fans! I can't wait until Friday for the movie to come out. I am going to watch it with three of my teacher friends. I am going to basically sprint out of school tomorrow in order to buy tickets for the show and I am planning on getting to the theatre early to get good seats! I just have to make it through today in order to get to the show!
Today is going to be busy but shouldn't be too difficult. I am going to St. Joe this morning on a field trip with my students. We are going to Bishop LeBlond to watch the play Oz. (It's supposed to be similar to the Wizard of Oz but it's cheaper to do because they don't have to pay so much to put it on!) Then we get back at lunch and then they go to computers. They will come back to the room and do math then recess and then reading (since we can't do it in the morning). So it should be a piece of cake day - if you will notice I did say should... something can always go wrong so I am going to pray for a peaceful day. After that I am running home to help Michael pull seven or eight pork butts. My staff at school is doing a service project for Christmas. We are serving at the Shepherd's Kitchen that is run by another church. We are donating the food and our time to serve these people a meal. The Shepherd's kitchen is like a local soup kitchen. So I am doing that from 4:30 to 7:00 tonight. Then GREY'S!!
Like I said, make it through today and I will be floating on air tomorrow.
Saturday we are going to the Bearcats playoff game. I am probably going to freeze but it will be worth it to see Pitt State come here on our home turf! I am really hoping we win and I hope the Spoofhounds do too. They are traveling south for their game this weekend.
Sunday is a shopping trip with my staff from school! (This is why I titled the blog - The Crazy Life of the Casteel's - because it is always crazy around here! )

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trip to Joe Town

This evening Michael and I headed to Joe town. I was in need for some fleece. I am going to make my niece and nephew tie blankets for Christmas. Our Wal-Mart just doesn't have much of a selection. I had my mom go check out Jo-Ann's fabric in St. Joe and it just so happened that they had all of there non-licensed fleece 50%!!! I was pretty stoked about that. So Michael and made plans to go to St. Joe tonight before the sale ended.

On Monday night Michael went to Spoofhound game... It was freezing so I bailed. It's not my idea of fun to sit in the cold rain all night. They spoofers ended up beating Trenton and have a game this Saturday vs. Carrollton.

Tuesday I had a basketball game I had to go to. My cheerleaders were cheering during the boys game. Michael came for the end of the girls game and stayed during the boys game. He had off for Veteran's day so he helped his dad. At school we had a VERY nice Veteran's day service.

Now... It is time to get caught up on school stuff... and then off to bed!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Exciting Weekend!

We had another GREAT weekend. Our weekend started out the weekend with an exciting Halloween! We had about 35 to 40 trick-or-treaters. I had all of my students except for one which I thought was pretty good. We also had a lot of our friends' children. We even had a little pumpkin that was only two weeks old. Little Mr. William McCollough was the cutest little baby pumpkin EVER!
Our neice and newphew even came down this weekend for Michael's dad's birthday. Once Neal and Paige had come trick-or-treating we decided to turn off our light and hang out with Michael's family. We were over there for about a couple of hours and then we headed home to sleep!
Saturday morning it was up early to get ready for the football game. We baked cookies, and got a couple of things to go tail-gating. We got over to Beaver's house at little after 11 and ate. We hung out over there until right before the game and then we headed to the game. The 'Cats beat Emporia 56 to 7. It was nice that we won and that we haven't lost any games in the conference! After the game we headed to the South room at the housing to celebrate Michael's dad's birthday. His mom had made a turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, etc. After we were done eating we headed to Michael's parents' house to play games. We played Apples to Apples and Urban Myth. We left and stopped by a Halloween Party. Several of my friends were having a "VERY" good time... We left and came home and went to bed!
Sunday was a beautiful day. We went to church and everyone sat together as a family. Afterwards everyone ate at the Mandrian and then we all headed to Bedford, IA. We went to the Lake of the Three Fires and went for a walk around part of the lake. It was such a beautiful day for a walk and to hang out with the family! I took A LOT of pictures and a couple turned out pretty well! I've posted some of them below. I hope you enjoy!