Friday, March 30, 2012

32 Week Check Up

I went to the doctor today for my 32 week check up with the doctor.  So far I am only six pounds over my starting weight, which is great!  The doctor measured me and I was exactly 32, which I found interesting since the last time I was there (29 weeks) I measured 33.  I asked her if I was measuring the correct length because Chloe had dropped and she said yes.  We talked about the fact that she's probably going to be early (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this).
Oh, our other fun news we found out this week, Cole is allergic to Sulfa!  Last Friday I picked him up from daycare and they said he had taken three naps, which is completely out of character, and he had a couple of loose diapers.  Over the weekend he would get a low grade fever off and on.  We took him in to the doctor on Monday and he had a double ear infection.  Of course I kind of already figured it was that because the last time he was teething he got a double ear infection.  So the doctor gave us Sulfa antibiotics and we gave him some Monday mid-morning, Monday evening, and Tuesday morning.  Michael stayed home with Cole on Tuesday and went over to his mom's house.  They were outside for about an hour and then they came home.  When they got home he was running a 101.4 (or 101.6) fever and was covered on his stomach and back in hives.  So we went to the walk-in clinic.  Luckily we got in quickly.  The doctor say him and immediately said, he was allergic to Sulfa.  He said for some reason red heads are more allergic to it than others and being out in the sun can activate or make the reaction happen more quickly.  So he's off of that.  We just got an antibiotic shot for his ear infections.  He still had hives yesterday but today, they're all gone!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving like crazy and Nesting

Chloe has been moving like crazy the last couple of weeks.  I'm guessing it's because she's running out of room in here!  She's been so active that a couple of nights ago Michael could see her moving and he was sitting across the room.
I had a major case of nesting this past Sunday.  Once we got home from church and lunch I spent the entire afternoon cleaning Cole and Chloe's room.  I got all of Cole's clothes that are too small toted up and put away. I got all of Chloe's room organized by size and hung up.  I'm feeling a lot better about now that I have these two things taken care of.  It's funny because my room isn't looking so hot but I just had to have Cole and Chloe's room take care of.  I think the whole nesting instinct is amazing!  Michael asked me if I could possibly have it after I had Chloe!  :)
Well, I better go.  I need to get ready for school.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cole's First Trip to the Circus

Cole had his first trip to the circus yesterday!  My mom informed me that the Shriner's Circus was coming to town and wanted to know if we would like to take Cole.  Unfortunately Michael was unable to come with us because he was on  call this weekend.  (He has to stay in Maryville in case there's an emergency maintenance problem at the housing.)

We went to mom's on Friday night to spend the night!  We got to eat with mom, dad, Tiffany (my sister), and Brian (my brother-in-law).  On Saturday morning Cole got to hang out with the boys while us girls went an picked out scrap booking paper for my sister to use to make Chloe's letter.  My sister buys cardboard letters and then puts scrap booking paper on them and ribbon that matches the babies room.  This has been her gift to numerous people, including me when I had Cole.  Cole's letters are still in his room right now!  :)  I had to pick out the paper because Tiffany hasn't seen Chloe's room yet!

Then it was time for the CIRCUS!  It was fun to watch Cole's reaction to everything.  He just looked around all the time.... taking everything in!  He was very excited to see that there were elephants and horses out for kids to ride.  He actually rode the elephant with my dad (aka Papo).  He was really tired though during the second half of the show and ended up missing the monkey and elephants.  I think that probably would have been his favorite part!  Oh well.  He did wake up at the very end for the two motorcycles in the dome of doom or whatever they call the large metal sphere that the drive around inside!  He ate a hot dog but wasn't too sure about the cotton candy.

These times are when I enjoy being a mom the most.... When I get to watch him experience something new for the first time!  He is sooooo fun to watch when he gets excited!

On a side note - we're getting closer to our due date.  This Monday I will be 30 weeks!  It doesn't seem like I should be that far along already.  I went last Monday for a check up with the doctor.  She measured my stomach.  (When the measure you the use a tape measure to see how big your stomach is - vertically.  You are supposed to be on inch for each week of pregnancy.  That means I should have measured around 29 inches).  When the doctor measured me I measured 33!  Michael asked if that meant our due date was wrong and the doctor said, "Nope.  She's going to be big."  I couldn't believe it!  Cole was so little, almost 7 pounds.  Then she did a quick ultrasound to verify that Chloe really is a girl.  (When we had our ultrasound the ultrasound tech said she thought she was a girl but wasn't 100% sure because Chloe kept putting her hands between her legs.  She told us she was 87% sure!)  Our Dr. showed up her girl part so we are for sure having a girl.  Michael asked her what were the two long things by her girl parts, and the doc told us they were her thighs.  Let me tell you, she already has some big thighs.  Mind you this is totally different from Cole and his itty bitty chicken legs!  Chloe is already doing her own thing!  :)