Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday - The Beginning of My 40 Days Without Facebook!

I know it seems silly but this year I decided to give up Facebook. I am also giving up some other stuff and attempting to accomplish other things during Lent but this is the most interesting thing I came up with for Lent.
I LOVE to get on facebook and catch up with old friends and see pictures of what they are doing in their life, however, I realize that I spend entirely too much time on this particular website. So I've given it up so that I can use my time more wisely. Maybe with my extra time that I save I will be able to do good for others.
As for my other Lenten promises... I am limiting my TV watching time (again to use my time more wisely). Basically I am going to allow myself to watch the news (to stay updated on the weather!) and that's it. The only exception will be on Thursday night because I love Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice. I am also going to make sure that I tell my husband something nice (or that I am thankful to him for) each day.
I am aware that most of these seem simple but I hope it gives me some more me time and some time to focus on the more important things like family, friends, and faith.
I better go... I'm going to clean my desk off (my classes Lenten promise is: We will keep our desk clean- which I guess includes me!) and then I am going to go workout... which I haven't done in three weeks so I am kind of looking forward to this!
Hope everyone has a great day and we only have two more before the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Feeling Pretty Good

I must say that I am feeling pretty good about this whole accreditation visit. We (the teachers) had our interview yesterday after school and the team sounded very impressed my school and it's atmosphere. The big word that they used yesterday was family. Everyone that had came in prior to us (parents, principal, students, and support staff) said that they felt they were a part of a family. I have to admit that's how I feel about my work and I am blessed to have it that way. We all getting along really well. Of course we have squabbles like families do but when push comes to shove if I needed something I believe I could call any one on my staff and ask for help and they would be there. I have to say it's nice living in the that kind of environment when accreditation rolls around because everyone gets stressed. We have helped each other through this process and I am thankful for everyone there. I haven't ever worked at any other school but frankly I don't want to. I like that I can pray in school and when something upsets my kids we can pray to God about it. That is a great feeling and after some of the things that have happened in the last three years of my teaching I can't imagine NOT being able to pray and rely on our faith to deal with some things. I don't know how I go this job because I came in with NO experience-straight from college and they still wanted me. That's taking a big risk on someone new and without any experience to rely on. I guess God was pushing me that way... between Michael being Alumni at the school and finding out where I could get the application to me turning down another job because I just had a feeling about the one I'm in. God wanted me there so that's where I'm staying. I never felt so certain about any decision in my life (besides my marriage to my husband). It makes it easier for me to get up and face the day knowing I have support from my teachers and principal.
Enough of the why I love my job business... I have to go get ready for work.
I hope everyone has a great Friday and enjoys the BEAUTIFUL weekend!