Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nursemaids Elbow, Children's Mercy, and a Snow Day

Well, our streak of going to visit doctors has not ended yet!  Cole ended up having strep last week.  He stayed home with Michael on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We knew he was going to make it back to daycare on Friday because he had finally gotten rid of his fever.  HOWEVER, Chloe let out a cry around 6:30 that night.  I went to check on her and she was lying in her crib.  I just figured she was hungry.  I attempted to feed her but she wasn't hungry.  Then I tried to play with her.  I dipped her down by her arms and she cried out.  That's when we realized that she wasn't using her right arm.  She would grip our fingers and move her wrist but not the rest of her arm.  I thought maybe it was asleep or she bumped it.  We let her sleep and the following morning she wouldn't even grip our fingers.  So Friday, Cole did go back to daycare but Michael took Chloe to the doctor's office! They determined it was Nursemaids Elbow (aka a dislocated elbow).  The doctor attempted to put it back in place but he wasn't sure if he got it or not.  He then decided to put it in a splint (made out of a half cast).  It was extremely bizarre to see our 8 1/2 month old baby with a cast on her arm!  We were then referred to Children's Mercy.  We were able to get in yesterday.  They were AMAZING!  They did a couple more x-rays and determined that nothing was broken and that her elbow was indeed back in place.  They want her to continue to wear her splint/cast thing for the rest of the week.  To say we are sick of being sick and sick of seeing doctors would be a huge understatement!  (Not that we dislike our doctors, they're great!)
The best thing that has happened lately is that today is a snow day!  I have decided that we are going to use today as the start of our real "potty training".  Cole was told if he wants to play with the iPad then he has to pee and poop on the pot.  If he has an accident he doesn't get to play on the iPad anymore for the day.  I have been setting an alarm every 45 minutes and taking him to the bathroom and he has peed every single time!!!  Let's hope this is the start of being potty trained for good!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The sickness continues.. uggghh

To say that I am sick of sickness would be a massive understatement!  Starting in the beginning of December the Casteel clan has taken turns getting sick.  Chloe had a double ear infection and a bought of throwing up (we're thinking she had the stomach flu).  Cole had strep (we think, the didn't do the swab) and a for sure case of the stomach flu.  Michael had the stomach flu.  I have had the stomach flu and currently have something else.  Did I mention that Cole and Michael had the stomach flu at the same time and Chloe had her double ear infection at the exact same time!  Oh, and we've all had this cold that just won't stop!
So as you can guess we were hoping with the start of the new year, 2013, that we would also get our health back but unfortunately on New Year's Eve I started running a fever and feeling like I had been ran over by a mack truck!
On other good news, the kids continue to grow and change everyday!
Cole is definitely testing his limits lately.  He keeps trying to see how far he can go without getting into trouble.  The kicker is that he already knows that dad is the one who will cave the easiest.  If I say no to something he will go and ask Michael.  Nine times out of ten Michael will say yes!  (I can't imagine what's going to happen when it's Chloe asking!?!?)  Cole's timeout spot is on a rug in front of our oven.  I've been working with him and giving him options.  At nap time he sometimes fights us (not very often).  The other day I told him he could take a nap or sit in front of the oven.  He started crying and saying, "I sit in the oven."  Let me reiterate I have him sit in front of the oven not in it!  So hopefully he doesn't tell anyone that we make him sit in it!  Other than that I am in awe of how much Cole is learning from our amazing daycare.  He can sing the ABC's, count to 20 (sometimes he gets a little messed up but he can do it most of the time), tell you all the main colors, and identify shapes (even a hexagon)!!  We are truly blessed to have such an amazing daycare.  The next goal is to get him interested in going pee on the big boy pot!  He has to be potty trained in order to go to pre-school next fall (if we send him - we are still debating).  I would like to know that he can go and that he's potty trained!  Here's hoping he gets the desire soon!
Chloe continues to amaze us.  She is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen.  She is always smiling and cooing.  It's easy to know when she isn't feeling well.  She doesn't smile and coo!  She is slowly starting to roll to get places.  She isn't totally rolling everywhere but she's catching on that she can roll to get things just out of her reach.  She has two beautiful and sharp teeth on the bottom of her mouth.  When she smiles they just shine!  She also likes to chew on mom's fingers with those new sharp teeth.  Chloe is sitting up on her own and falling over less and less.  She currently is in love with the new jumperoo that is on loan to her from her cousin Cadence.  Cadence is no longer interested in it because she's crawling.  Chloe just loves bouncing in that thing!
Michael and I are doing well too!  We celebrated our fifth anniversary a month late.  Michael planned a weekend getaway in Omaha.  We went and say Beauty and the Beast at the Orpheum theater!  It was wonderful.  We also finished up our Christmas shopping while there!  It was a nice weekend away for the two of us.
I will be taking two courses this spring trimester.  Normally I would attempt this, however, I only have 10 students this year and I just want to get my Master's done.  I will take two courses this spring, two during the summer, and one in the fall and I will be DONE!!!!
Hope everyone has a safe and healthy (including us) 2013!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Absent for a while

As you can tell from the date of my last post I have been absent for a while.  Why you may be asking yourself.  It's really quite simple.  Life happened!  I went back to work and school in August.  I am back in the classroom for my seventh year of teaching second grade.  It doesn't seem possible that this is my seventh year already.  I also went back to school, Northwest, to work on completing my Master's in Education in Reading!  Between going back to work and school and being a mom and being a wife, I have had very little time to do anything else.
Cole continues to amaze me at how intelligent he is.  He is saying things like, "Momma you bootiful!" and "Dat looks perfect!" and "That's terrible!"  I'm constantly amazed at how smart he is already.  He can count to ten (he says eleven for seven but the rest is correct), he's starting to sing his ABC's and he knows the majority of his colors.  We are also working on shapes.  He really is a very funny and smart kid.
Chloe continues to be an amazing baby.  She is an easy smile.  All Michael has to do to get her to smile is say her name and she beams up at him.  When she smiles she uses her whole body.  Everything just wiggles! She is getting closer to being able to sit up on her own but isn't quite there yet.  She did turn five months old this week.  I just can't get over the fact that she is going to be half a year old next month!
Michael and I are preparing for our fifth anniversary next month.  He has something planned that he isn't sharing with me, which has me both excited and nervous.  :)  I'm sure it will be WONDERFUL!
We'll I am going to start getting things ready to go.  We are headed to Haunted Mozingo tonight!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back in Action!

We'll I officially started my seventh year of teaching.  It doesn't seem possible that this year should be my seventh year.  I keep thinking that it should only be my third or fourth year not my seventh.  I am very blessed this year to only have 10 students.  Not that having more kids would be a bad thing but this year we have a new reading series.  It'll be really nice to only have 10 students the first year we are using this reading series.  :)
It has also been a little bittersweet for me this week.  I really missed Cole and Chloe this week.  It just doesn't seem like the summer should be over and my time at home with them should be over.
Yesterday Chloe turned 13 weeks old.  It's amazing to think that she's already that old!  She is such a joy to be around.  She is extremely happy all the time and continues to coo all the time.
Cole is still a busy body like he's always been.  :)  He doesn't believe in sleeping in.  There was a morning last week that my alarm went off at 5:30 and Cole said, "Dat gan-ma calling (aka That grandma calling)?".  The scary thing is that I was so tired I didn't even know that he had crawled into bed with us.  Last weekend Michael had to get up early to put some meat on (he bbqs) so I was at home with the kids by myself.  It was around 6:40 and I heard Cole open his door and start hollering for me.  I told him I was in my room.  He came in and said, "I watch Disney Junior."  I pretended to be asleep and he said it again.  I told him I was going to need to hear some words... (aka please).  He proceeded to say, "Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse." (For those of you without children those are the magic words to make Mickey's clubhouse appear on Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse).  I laughed so hard and he knew that he was going to get what he wanted because he gave me his little ornery grin and said, "What's da magic word? Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse!"
As you can tell our life is full of surprises and laughs!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nearing the end of July... Sigh

It's extremely hard for me to believe that August is only a few days away.  I'm not sure where the last 10 weeks went and I know for sure that I'm not ready for it to be August.
We go to the doctor for Chloe's two month appointment on Monday.  She's actually 10 weeks old, as of yesterday.  I can't believe we're already going in for her check up.  It doesn't feel like she should already be two months old.  It's amazing how much more relaxed Michael and I this time around.  I know that it's normal for people to be more relaxed the second time they have a kid but Chloe has also made it extremely easy to be relaxed.  She has such a sweet personality.  She has begun to smile a lot more and she's cooing a lot too!  I just love watching her develop and grow.
Cole continues to be a great brother.  He is always willing to help us by throwing away diapers, getting the bink, etc.  I feel lucky that he's such a happy go lucky kid.  He is so great about going with the flow and waiting for things (like a drink while I'm feeding sissy).
This coming week Michael is on vacation.  It's really been the only time he's taken off work this whole summer except when Chloe was born.  He's going to go and help me hang posters... I don't do ladders!  We're also just going to hang out with the kids.  I'm kind of excited to spend time with just the four of us.
I'm somewhat excited about school starting and somewhat dreading it.  I'm excited because of the training I just took and I can't wait to implement some of the things I learned in my classroom.  I'm dreading it because I'm really not excited about leaving Chloe and Cole.  I have really enjoyed this summer being at home the most of any.  I think it's because I've really seen Cole develop and grow this summer.  I've also got a ton of snuggling time with Chloe.  I'm not ready to leave that.  It makes me a little teary eyed even thinking about it. We are so blessed that we have a great daycare that we know love both of our children.  It makes it a little easier to send the kids there but it's still hard.
I'm going to try not to think about that right now... I'm just going to enjoy finishing July and the beginning of August!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My little rollie pollie!

It's official, Chloe can roll over!  Just this past week, Wednesday, July 18th, to be exact Chloe rolled over from her belly to her back.  Mind you the following day she turned NINE WEEKS OLD!  I have to admit I'm EXTREMELY impressed with how quickly she is doing things.  She has always been a strong little girl.  She's been holding her head up for weeks.  Thursday night Michael decided to shampoo our living room carpet.  Of course that left Cole, Chloe and I hanging out in the bedrooms so that we wouldn't get in his way.  We were in Cole's room and I had Chloe on the blanket on her back.  I decided she needed a little tummy time (I haven't even really done this because she has been lifting her head for so long).  As she was on her belly she started to rock back and forth and all of the sudden... BAM she rolled over.  I put her back on her belly to make sure I wasn't seeing stuff and, she did it AGAIN!  She rolled over a total of four times (Michael say some of them so he can verify this) that night.  Then she did it again the following day for a friend.  I'm soooo excited to see her rolling over!
Saturday night we ventured out to the Nodaway County Fair.  We had some friends in town so they joined us.  Cole had a blast going down the slide, riding the merry-go-round, and apple/berry ride (like a tilt-a-whirl for little kids).  I swear he would have gone down the slide ALL night long given the opportunity!  I'm just glad he had a wonderful time!
In two weeks we go in for Chloe's two month check up.  I'm really curious to see how much she's grown.  I'll keep everyone updated!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where in the world did June go?!?!?!?!?

I'm not sure how it happened but June is officially over.  I am in complete shocked at how quickly it went.  It doesn't seem possible that this week we will be celebrating the 4th of July!  I'm excited to see Cole's reaction to the fireworks this year.  Last year he liked them but I have a feeling this year he's really going to get into them!
Chloe is officially six weeks old, as of this past Friday!  She continues to be an amazing baby.  She slept through the night three or four nights last week... when I say through the night I mean going to bed at 10:30 or 11 and not getting up until 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning.  This has really helped momma out.
Cole will start going to the sitters twice a week this week.  He'll be going on Tuesday and Thursdays.  I'm torn about this whole thing.  I love having both of the kids home with me but I also feel like Chloe doesn't get a lot of just "mommy" time like Cole did.  I know it's impossible for her to have the same amount of time with me because she is the second child but I still feel guilty about that.  However, I feel guilty about sending Cole to the sitter so Chloe and I can be together.  I also feel guilty about spending the money for Cole to go to the sitters when I'm at home!  It's a double edged sword.  It doesn't matter what I do I feel guilty.
I'm also getting excited about school starting but at the same time I'm anxious because I don't want to leave Chloe just yet.  When I have to go back to school she'll be a smidgen over 11 weeks.  I just keeping that she'll still be so little, even though Cole wasn't even that old when I went back with him.  I guess all this "spare time" has me thinking!
As a side note, I have become completely addicted to pintrest.  I actually accomplished a project that I saw on there for Chloe's room.  I've put a picture of it on here at the bottom.  It's a picture from hair accessory holder.  I'm really excited with how well it turned out.  Now all I have to do is put it up on the wall!
I'm also putting a couple pictures of the kids on here too!
Chloe in her pretty princess outfit!

Cole wearing his Batman mask.  FYI - This terrified Reese, our cat, for a very long time!

Chloe's hair accessory's organizer.  You can clip berets to the ribbon in the middle and hang headbands off of the hooks at the bottom!