Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where did the last couple of weeks go?

We have been incredibly busy these last couple of weeks!  During the last three weeks at school we've celebrated Catholic Schools Week, Spirit Week, and this week we had our Valentine's Day Parties and Second Grade Day in our lunchroom (where the parents come eat lunch with their children - the kids get to decide on the menu).  So school has been absolutely insane.  That doesn't include the chaos at home!
During one of the past weeks I had meeting two nights and a doctor's appointment which means Michael had to pick up Cole.  Normally I pick him up since Michael takes him to school!  Then Michael, Cole, and I all got a bad cold.  Michael ended up canceling our Valentine's Day plans and stayed at home.  We were going to go have dinner and watch a movie but we both decided we'd rather wait until we can actually enjoy the date!
This past weekend we moved my sister, well technically Michael and my parents moved my sister since I can't lift anything.  My sister is pregnant too so she did a lot of directing everyone!  Then today Michael and I were a lead couple for Marriage Prep along with two other couples.
This week looks like things might slow down a little bit - one can only hope.  I guess with all the chaos I need to focus on being thankful.
Thankful that I have a job that keeps me busy.
Thankful for a very active son who keeps me busy.
Thankful for a crazy husband who keeps me busy... and guessing what's going to happen next in our life.
Thankful for the baby girl I'm growing in my tummy who makes sure I get some much needed sleep (I feel asleep at 8:45 one night last week).
Thankful for an amazing family that is able to work together to help one another out.
In general this chaos and craziness helps me to remember to be THANKFUL.
Have you taken time to be thankful?  I think that is going to be my Lenten promise this year.  I am going to start all of my prayers to God thanking him for all he has given me rather than asking for things that I really don't need.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Check Up

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a check up. I'm officially 25 weeks today, so we're only 15 weeks away from having our little girl here! Dr. Menendez listened to the baby's heartbeat. It was in the 160's which is great! She also told me next month when I come in she'll do another ultrasound, just to double check that we're having a girl. (At our appointment where we found out that we're having a girl the ultra sound tech said she was 87% sure we're having a girl. She was having a hard time seeing because Chloe kept putting her hands between her legs!) I hope we'll be able to see a little better at the next appointment!
Cole is still doing well. He continues to add more words to his vocabulary. It seems like in the last couple of weeks he's trying to repeat everything we say. It's sooooo neat that he wants to communicate with us! He is no longer just saying Meow for our cat but he's actually saying her name, Reese!
I better go. More to update later.