Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lots to catch up on!

So these orders aren't in the best order but I figured no one actually cares about that!
This was after Cole's Baptism. Michael's dad was holding Cole and then put him on Neal's shoulders!
Cole wore Michael's Baptism outfit and we also used the blanket that Michael had at his Baptism.
Riley was extremely helpful!

I love this picture of the boys!
Both boys look just like their dads!
Cole had to eat at his great grandma's house!

Feeling sleepy after the bottle!

Grandpa feeding Cole.
Can you tell he likes looking at lights?

Another picture of Cole checking out the lights! He is definitely a very alert baby!
I really love this picture of Fr. Martin and Cole. They both look sooo happy!

Cole with Michael's parents.

Family picture after the Baptism!

This is my favorite picture right now! I'm kind of in a black and white mood right now!

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures! We've been taking a lot!

So I have been a total slacker when it comes to this blog. It just hasn't been high on my list of priorities lately. I'm sure everyone can understand why. Instead diapers, feedings, and sleeping have taken over my life!

Cole continues to grow. We're guessing that he's around 8 and 1/2 to 9 pounds right now. I can't believe that some babies are that big when they are born and it's take my lovely little son 6 weeks to get there! :)

Cole has been a lot of places in the past 6 weeks. He's been to St. Joe, Raymore, Peculiar, Ravannah, and Princeton. This past weekend we went to Ravannah for Cole to meet his Great Grandma Bessie (my dad's mom). We stopped by Princeton to see my Aunt and cousins. It was SOOOO cute. My cousin's son was all about Cole. I should say that Riley (the little boy) is going to be 2 in October so it made it even more adorable! He kept asking to hold Cole. He also gave Cole his "night night" to use. His "night night" is his little blanket that he takes to bed! The two were too stickin cute!

Next week we are going on vacation at Table Rock. My extended family is going including Riley. We asked Riley if it was okay if Cole went on vacation and he was all about that! Michael, Cole, and I are going to leave one day early and stay with one of my friends from college. I finally get to meet her little girl that turned one in March! I'm really excited to see her!

We'll I better get off of here - I have to get ready for my six week doctor's appointment. I will admit that I'm excited to go to this appointment because I'll get to show Cole off to all of the nurses that helped us out throughout the whole pregnancy. Michael suggested I get someone to watch Cole but I told him I wanted to take him with me. Michael asked why. I told him that at one of my last appointments before Cole was born I was talking to the nurse and she made the comment about how they help all these women through the pregnancy and then they don't get to see the end results (the baby). I figured they might want to see the little guy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cole's Baptism and the 4th of July

Today was a very special day for our family. Cole was Baptized at St. Gregory's Church at the 10:30 Mass. We were extremely lucky to have our family there and some friends as well to help us celebrate. There were four Baptism today during Mass. We actually knew all four babies and their parents rather well. One of the mom's I worked with during my student teaching, another mom did her student teaching at my school and joined the church when I did, and the other dad worked with Michael. The other kind of crazy thing is that three of us actually had our babies in the same order that we got married!
Cole was really good during the service except when he decided to poop REALLY loud while another baby was getting Baptized! Ohhh well... what are you going to do!
I'll try to update later and get some pictures up as well.
We hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL and SAFE 4th of July!