Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Insane Life

My insane life has been just that, insane. I figured out the other day that I simply don't have an evening off until next Tuesday. Of course I haven't had an evening off since last week sometime. The worse part is that I can't even remember what day it was! I am sooo ready just to come home after school and hang out with my husband rather than running to class! I guess that's what I get for taking two classes at the same time! :)
We'll I'm going to grade some papers. I just wanted to write a small update! Hope every one's doing well.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Easy Sunday

Well, after writing my blog on Friday evening we received two phone calls. One saying that one of my friends was put into the hospital and another one from Michael's friend saying that his daughter was in the hospital. Michael and I sat down and relayed the information about our friends and discussed how ironic it was that we got two phone calls that people we knew were in the hospital. Normally you only get one of those calls a year or something like that! Fortunately both of them will be okay.
Then we got another call on Saturday morning. One of Michael's friends called and said that his father in law passed away that morning. It was sooo sad. His friend and wife we planning on going to the Arrowhead game and I was looking forward to hanging out with them, since I haven't seen anyone lately because of the start of both schools (the class I teach and my grad classes). Unfortunately that just wasn't in the plan for that day. Since they weren't able to come to the game we ended driving the big cooker to the game and bringing everything with us. So it made our day a little more busy. I would have rather had our friends with us and I just hope that they are able to grieve and start to find peace soon.
We went to the game and had a great time. The 'Cats played really well and ended up winning. I got to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while which was nice. I think that Michael had a good time too. We had quite a few people join us for the BBQ and everyone seemed to really like it.
Today has kind of been an easy day. Not a lot of running around. I woke up bright and early - not sure why???? Michael and I went to church. After church we went through the drive thru for lunch and watched the Chiefs game. We both ended up falling asleep for a bit. I guess we both needed a little nap after our crazy Saturday. :)
I have just finished one assignment and I have one more to do. I'm hoping to finish before the True Blood Season Finale starts. Then after the show is over I'm going to finish my grading. Hopefully that catches me up with everything!
I'm kind of enjoying the fact that I don't have anywhere I have to be today and can just work on my school stuff without any interruptions. I can't imagine how hard it must be to get your Master's and have children. I'm so darn busy and that's without children. I just hope I get everything done and finish quickly so that I won't be crazy busy! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy and Exciting Weekend!

I'm pretty excited about our busy and exciting weekend.
This evening we took it kind of easy because we know that this weekend we're going to be on the run. We went to La Bonita for supper tonight. I have just been hanging out catching up with some of my friends.
Tomorrow we're headed to Kansas City and Arrowhead. The NWMSU Bearcats are going to be playing against the Pitt State Gorillas. The boys (Michael and his friends) are going to do to some BBQ. They're even pulling the big cooker. So we'll be in KC all day.
Sunday I have to help with Communion and then I plan on doing my homework for all of my classes. Sunday evening is date night for Michael and I. We are going to watch the season finale of True Blood. We're pretty excited about watching the the show. It's our normal Sunday night that we've had ALL summer long.
We'll I better head to bed. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Three day weekend :)

Well, I'm happy to say that I don't have school tomorrow. :) I'm pretty sure that my kids are even more excited than I am. hehehe
Anyway, yesterday, we went to my mother's house and hung out with her. We got to see my mom and dad and my mom's friend Gayle. We had a really nice lunch with them and my grandparents. We hung out for a couple of hours and then headed back because Michael was on call! Then we went to church and over to Michael's friend's house. We had a lot of fun.
Today Michael was in a small golf tournament with his friends. He has been gone ALL day. So I've been at home, alone. I did finish reading a book. I was planning on cleaning today but I haven't felt very good all day. I even took a small nap this afternoon. I just feel icky. I'm not sure why. I hope I'm not getting whatever the hell is going around my school.
Well, I give another update hopefully sometime this week.