Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, we survived Thanksgiving! I taught Monday and Tuesday of this week. Wednesday I headed to my mother's and we went shopping. We were looking for a glider. I'm having a hard time finding one that I like because they are all light colored wood. Anyone who's been in my house has seen that we have very dark woodwork. I really don't think that the light wood would look good in our house. Plus I'm pretty partial to dark wood. I don't really like the light wood. Anyway, we found some that I liked but they were way too expensive. I keep hoping we'll find something.

On Thursday mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and I went to my Uncle Gary's for the day. I got to see my aunt, uncle, cousins, and another aunt. We had a really nice meal and played Pictonary before we had to go. I had to get back to the 'ville so I could have Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Michael and I went to his parents house around 6:30 and we ate around 7:15. I ended up falling asleep, imagine that! Everyone else ended up watching the football game.

Friday was a really nice morning. Michael and I got to back to the doctor's for our 12 week appointment. This appointment was a lot more exciting compared to our last appointment. Last time the baby was just a circle with a flickering light (the heart). This time it actually looked like a baby. The baby was waving at us and then did a somersault while we were watching him or her. We got a couple of ultra sound pictures of the baby. Of course it's hard to tell what you're seeing unless someone explains it to you. The doctor said everything looks good and that the baby is big. She said that at our next appointment we'll get to hear the heartbeat. Our next appointment is two days before Christmas and I can't think of a better Christmas gift! After our appointment we came home and watched the Maryville Spoofhounds play in the State Championship game. I'm proud to say that they won. After that I napped for the rest of the afternoon. Michael and I just kind of hung out Friday evening.

Saturday I had an eye appointment and then we headed up to the Elk's Lodge so that we could watch the Bearcats play in their quarterfinal game. They ended up blocking the point after with six seconds left and beat Central Washington 21 to 20! It was a GREAT game. After the game Michael went and hung out with some friends and I rested at home.

Today Michael and I headed to my mom and dad's for another "Thanksgiving" meal. We got to eat lunch with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. It was nice to just hang out at her house for a while.

I will admit that it was a chaotic couple of days but it was really fun! I also have something to look forward to next weekend, a Bearcat football game. We found out late last night that the Bearcat Semifinal game will be in Maryville on Saturday night at 7:30. If the Bearcats win this game they will be headed to the National Championship Game for a fifth year in a row. It also means that the field goal posts will be taken down, which is my favorite part of the semifinal game. As you can tell I am REALLY hoping that we win the game this Saturday.

Well, I hope that appeases everyone's curiosities of what we've been up to. Sorry I've been a slacker and I haven't been updating as much lately.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pregnant + H1N1 = Sick Momma

Unfortunately, I have H1N1. Add that to being pregnant and I'm one icky girl. I went to the doctor on Monday and they tested me and I came back positive for the flu. I knew it was bad when my doctor walked in with a mask on her face. She told me I'm not allowed back at school until I'm fever free and feeling good for two straight days. Yesterday I ran a fever all day. The earliest I can be back to school is Thursday. Since I knew I'd be gone the majority of the week I went ahead and wrote lesson plans for the entire week so that I wouldn't have to worry about my sub plans each day. I went into school last night with a mask on and gloves. Before we left Michael sprayed down the whole entire room with Lysol disinfectant spray and Clorox wiped down a lot of surfaces so I wouldn't get anyone else sick. I'm really hoping that I haven't gotten anyone else sick. I'm doing my best to stay away from people. I'm not going to my night class tomorrow night so that I won't get anyone there sick. Really the only place I've been is my room and we wiped down EVERYTHING that I touched and the things that I didn't touch!
Anyway, I am going to go back to sleep. That seems to be all that I do anymore!