Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hard to Believe

Cole with a very "familiar" Santa!
It's extremely hard for me to believe that my son is almost nine months old. It doesn't seem possible that he should be that old. He should still be a little baby. I now understand what parents mean when they say once you have kids that time flies by! I noticed this when I started teaching. I would watch how much the kids changed in the short time span that they were with me. Now I look at my own child and sit in amazement that he is this old! (I also had a moment the other day where I realized that my first class will be graduating from St. Gregory's in TWO years!)

I apologize for not updating the blog but hopefully you will all understand considering what life is like with a little one.

Cole has officially had his first ear infection.... in both ears... at the same time! The doctor said it is only a slight one but it has definitely affect his attitude and sleep. He wants to be held ALL the time, which is soooo not out little guys normal behavior. He has had several nights where sleep has eluded him after a couple hours. It doesn't help he has a head cold and he is struggling to keep his nose clean so he can breathe!