Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stressed Out #2 (aka BEYOND FRUSTRATED)

I don't even know what to say besides that I am beyond frustrated. It is currently 3:30 in the afternoon and the temperature is 62 (yes... that's right it is 62 degrees on January 30) and I am stuck inside working on my stupid curriculum mapping. I know that this is a necessity for the accreditation process but I just feel that it is busy work to keep me from enjoying the weather or my husband (he's at home relaxing-This is one of the first weekends we haven't had anything planned and I'm stuck at school). I crave to be outside but I'm afraid if I give in I'll never finish and then I'll feel like I have let down the school and my boss - which would be AWFUL!
The other reason I'm frustrated is that I only worked out once this week (Monday) and I can say that I really do miss it. I finally thought I would get a chance earlier this week and I started feeling yucky. I still don't feel very good. I love that I haven't been sick all year and the now A WEEK BEFORE ACCREDITATION my body decided to give in and feel like crap.
I know I gripping and moaning and complaining but I need to get it out of my system. Maybe if I do it now I won't take it out on other people. I am so ready for all of this to be over. Basically at this point I am really looking forward to Valentine's Day because that will mean all this is over and I will get to spend the weekend with my husband. I really don't care what we do I just want it to be US and NO ONE ELSE! I feel like I've barely seen him and when I do he is doing something for me (really it is for the school but same difference). I feel terrible but he believes in this school and says he doesn't mind. I am pretty thankful for the fact that he doesn't mind helping me. I know I take my frustration out on him and most the time he really could care less... So to say that I'm lucky is an understatement at this particular time. He's been pretty wonderful over the last week or so.
Well... I need to get back to work on curriculum mapping (my own form of personal torture!). Hope everyone enjoys the beautiful weather and enjoys the Super Bowl tomorrow!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stressed Out!!!

To say that I am stressed out right now certainly is an understatement! I am currently amazed by the fact that I am still somewhat sane. I have been sooo busy that I am losing track of what I have done in the several days. I have to look at my calendar to remember what I have been up to.

The next two weeks are going to be extremely stressful. This week is Catholic Schools Week. Which means that we are going to be busy everyday with extra stuff to do (make things for parents, going to the movie, doing something for the community, etc.) This cuts down majorly on my teaching time but we'll make it through. The thing that I am the most stressed out about is next week.... We have our Accreditation Teams coming on Thursday and Friday. They will come into our classrooms and observe us teach. At the end of the day on Thursday they will interview all of the teachers. Friday they will go to Mass with us and let us know how we have done on our accredidation. I am so ready for the next two weeks to be over it isn't even funny. I am hoping to find some enjoyment in the next two weeks just so that I can make it through.

With everything that I have to do in the next two weeks I don't know how much working out I'll be able to do. I had been doing sooo good since I started on January 2nd. At this point I don't even know when I am going to find time in the next couple of weeks. I am started to get a little disappointed because of the fact that I have only lost eight pounds and I have worked out 16 days since the 2nd. I know that I've missed quite a few but I just thought I would be getting better results. Right now I feel extremely disappointed with it and frustrated.... I want more results but I feel like giving up. We'll see what happens.