Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back in Action!

We'll I officially started my seventh year of teaching.  It doesn't seem possible that this year should be my seventh year.  I keep thinking that it should only be my third or fourth year not my seventh.  I am very blessed this year to only have 10 students.  Not that having more kids would be a bad thing but this year we have a new reading series.  It'll be really nice to only have 10 students the first year we are using this reading series.  :)
It has also been a little bittersweet for me this week.  I really missed Cole and Chloe this week.  It just doesn't seem like the summer should be over and my time at home with them should be over.
Yesterday Chloe turned 13 weeks old.  It's amazing to think that she's already that old!  She is such a joy to be around.  She is extremely happy all the time and continues to coo all the time.
Cole is still a busy body like he's always been.  :)  He doesn't believe in sleeping in.  There was a morning last week that my alarm went off at 5:30 and Cole said, "Dat gan-ma calling (aka That grandma calling)?".  The scary thing is that I was so tired I didn't even know that he had crawled into bed with us.  Last weekend Michael had to get up early to put some meat on (he bbqs) so I was at home with the kids by myself.  It was around 6:40 and I heard Cole open his door and start hollering for me.  I told him I was in my room.  He came in and said, "I watch Disney Junior."  I pretended to be asleep and he said it again.  I told him I was going to need to hear some words... (aka please).  He proceeded to say, "Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse." (For those of you without children those are the magic words to make Mickey's clubhouse appear on Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse).  I laughed so hard and he knew that he was going to get what he wanted because he gave me his little ornery grin and said, "What's da magic word? Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse!"
As you can tell our life is full of surprises and laughs!

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