Sunday, July 22, 2012

My little rollie pollie!

It's official, Chloe can roll over!  Just this past week, Wednesday, July 18th, to be exact Chloe rolled over from her belly to her back.  Mind you the following day she turned NINE WEEKS OLD!  I have to admit I'm EXTREMELY impressed with how quickly she is doing things.  She has always been a strong little girl.  She's been holding her head up for weeks.  Thursday night Michael decided to shampoo our living room carpet.  Of course that left Cole, Chloe and I hanging out in the bedrooms so that we wouldn't get in his way.  We were in Cole's room and I had Chloe on the blanket on her back.  I decided she needed a little tummy time (I haven't even really done this because she has been lifting her head for so long).  As she was on her belly she started to rock back and forth and all of the sudden... BAM she rolled over.  I put her back on her belly to make sure I wasn't seeing stuff and, she did it AGAIN!  She rolled over a total of four times (Michael say some of them so he can verify this) that night.  Then she did it again the following day for a friend.  I'm soooo excited to see her rolling over!
Saturday night we ventured out to the Nodaway County Fair.  We had some friends in town so they joined us.  Cole had a blast going down the slide, riding the merry-go-round, and apple/berry ride (like a tilt-a-whirl for little kids).  I swear he would have gone down the slide ALL night long given the opportunity!  I'm just glad he had a wonderful time!
In two weeks we go in for Chloe's two month check up.  I'm really curious to see how much she's grown.  I'll keep everyone updated!

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